Angels and Airspeed

Angels and Airspeed is a world war two air combat primer for the virtual fighter pilot.

Starting the reader from the basics of flight they will be taken through all aspects of world war two
fighter operations to prepare them to fly, fight and win in world war two virtual air combat.

"Nice job of getting down to the basics - love your choice of a cover!"
Col. Clarence 'Bud' Anderson - WW2 Triple Ace - it's his Mustang on the cover ;)

"I have enjoyed reading angels and airspeed, it should prove good reading for all interested in
combat tactics and their application related to the fluid air environment and state of technology in WWII years.
All the best as you make it available."
Col. Charles McGee - Tuskegee Airman

Sections Include
Flight Theory
Basic Airmanship
Combat Priorities
Combat Awareness
Combat posture
Preparing the engagement
Air Combat Manoeuvring
Lone Ship tactics
Element Tactics
Flight Tactics
The Online World
Aircraft Identification Guide
Weapons summary

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